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State Of California

Vehicle  Registration Services

Avoid Long Lines

Registration Renewals

Looking to Renew your Registration Tags but don't have the time to wait at the DMV?


We can help! Get your tags in a matter of minutes. At Pacific Quality we make it fast and easy to renew or replace your Vehicle Registration Tags.

Out of State Transfers

Looking to register your vehicle in the state of California?

Let us take care of the process for you. Have your vehicle inspected and registered California compliant within minutes. 

Reinstate Suspended Registration

Driving with a suspended registration 

due to no insurance?

We've got you covered. Get your registration reinstated in minutes.  

Revive Salvage/Junk Title 

Looking to register a car that was previously declared as salvage?  

Let us help, Revive title in minutes.  

Duplicate Registration 

Need to replace your current Registration?  

No problem, Receive a duplicate registration in minutes.  

Title Transfer

Looking to transfer ownership? 


Let us answer your questions and assist you throughout the process. Filling out and submitting the proper documentation to the DMV can be quite hectic. Lucky for you, we're here to help.


Not planning on driving your vehicle for some time? 

Save money on your registration fees by registering your vehicle as non-operational.

VIN Verification 

Transferring an Out of State vehicle?  

Get your vehicle verified in minutes. No appointment or waiting in long lines. 

One Day Permits 

Need more time to work on your vehicle?  

Not to worry, A one day permit will allow you to take the time you need to avoid penalty fees.  

Sticker Replacement

Need to replace a stolen or lost sticker?  

Sticker replacement available to register owners.   

Let us help you through the process. 

Call or visit us today!

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