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Business Insurance


Looking for the right package for your business?

We got you covered. 

  • General Liability 

Coverage against third party liability claims 

for injuries to other people.*

  • Professional & Malpractice Liability 

Protects professionals against losses due to negligent professional duty, wrongful acts, advice and services that lead to another person's loss or injury.*

  • Product Liability

Coverage against faulty products and damage,

illness, injury or death that may occur from using a faulty product.*

  • Commercial Vehicle

Coverage for commercial vehicles and drivers for liability, collision, comprehensive, property damage, and personal injury.* 

  • Cyber Crime Coverage

Provides protection for risk due to internet use and online communications.* 

  • Property Coverage

Coverage for loss and damages to you commercial business property due to fires, storms and other causes.* 

  • Workers Compensation 

Coverages for employees if the become ill or injured while working on the job.* 

  • Loss of Income

Coverage for you business expenses such as rent and employees wages if you cant operate your business.* 

  • Key Person Coverage

Coverage for loss of income that may result from the head of the business or other key personnel becoming incapacitated or passing away.* 

  • Specialty Coverage 

Coverage for specific business risk such as those landlords, farmers, and commercial operations that put up one day events, such as seminars or concerts.* 

The right package for you business! 

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